Hack School
Hack School Logistics

Hack School Logistics

This page is a collection of all the logistics for Hack School. Given the popularity of Hack School, we're only able to admit so many students to attend our workshops in-person during the fall quarter. However, we record our workshops and maintain all of our material! If you aren't admitted, or you're viewing this after fall quarter, but you still want to follow along, you can find all of our material on our GitHub (opens in a new tab), our YouTube (opens in a new tab), and this textbook!

Fall Quarter 2023

Our next iteration of Hack School will be running in Fall 2023. You can find all related logistics here, including the dates & locations of our workshops, Zoom links, calendar for office hours, and necessary material. We'll make slides or other prerequisite material available before every workshop.

Workshop 1 (10/11): HTML/CSS

Workshop 2 (10/18): JavaScript

Workshop 3 (10/25): Building Front-End Interfaces with React and Next.js

Workshop 4 (11/1): Building APIs with Express.js

Workshop 5 (11/8): All about Databases with MongoDB

Workshop 6 (11/15): Deployment with Vercel